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Get prospects provides new recently funded startups data. New and fresh list to grow your business every month. Starting from $87/month.

Get around new 800-1000 USA Companies details every month

Uncover a goldmine of opportunities with our handpicked list of 800-1000 newly funded USA companies each month. This exclusive data is vital for small businesses seeking new clients, and you can be the first to connect with these innovative startups.

Access Startup Data

Access exclusive information on recently funded startups including company name, industry, location, phone, related persons emails, and raised money.

Discover New Opportunities

Get more sales opportunities, more leads, and more clients. Make connections that matter. Filter by industry, state, city, funding and more.

Explore Newest Startup

Get the latest news to uncover startup companies that could move your business forward.

Startup Prospects List perfect for the ambitious Freelancer, SEO & marketing Company, Social Media Agency, Web Designer, Copywriters

Whether you're a freelancer, SEO & marketing company, social media agency, web designer, or copywriter, our Startup Prospects List is tailor-made for you. Stay ahead of your competitors by arming your sales team with insights into startups, some of which may not even have a website yet!

Increase your future sales and opportunities today.

Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different story. Your first problem is a lack of prospecting. Your second is you don’t have time.

Are you looking at new ways to grow your business?

Why waste time with other marketing methods that don't give you immediate results? Our carefully researched startup lists will provide you with tons of fresh prospects.

New startups who got funding are waiting to become your clients.

Research shows that new customers are always better than existing customers. Get started today!

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What our customers are saying​​

What our customers are saying​​​

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Data of 32 fields dataset. In our list, you will find each Company’s name, Website, Industry, About Company, City, State, ZIP Code, Company Email, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Founded Date, Employees, Revenue, Phone, Type -For Profit or Non-Profit, Last Funding Date, Funding Status, Funding Type, Money Raised, Total Money Raised, Monthly Visits, Monthly Visits avg. 6 Months, IT Spend, Recent Valuation, Date of Recent Valuation, Founder, Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, Title, and Verified Email.

You can get an example startup list here Startup Prospects List.

We can’t guarantee sales just because we don’t know how good you are in sales. But we will guarantee you awesome prospects every month. Get Prospects saves you time, saves you money and gives you a head start on all of the competition (that aren’t using Get Prospects).

We get you into a position where every morning over green tea you can send 3-5 prospects a personal email copy designed for your business. The First email doesn’t get you sales – they get you your first yes. Take that yes and demonstrate yet more value to them and begin to understand them and their problems. We are a great tool and partner to have at the beginning of your sales process every month.

Established in September 2014.
More than 400.000 Prospects built.
The Team all around the world – 8 people full-time and part-time employee.
Strong Experience – Worked with 90+ clients from 20+ countries.
More than 150.000 Emails sent – all personalized.

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