Getting valuable leads is every salesperson’s dream. However, realizing that dream requires a boatload of patience and consistency. There are several sales prospecting methods you can use to populate your sales pipeline with leads that can actually convert. Some of these prospecting techniques are highly ineffective and capitalizing on them would be a total waste of your time.

Below are 6 sales prospecting ideas that have worked for many sales people.

1. Schedule time to prospect every day

Your business is fueled by a myriad of marketing and management efforts that each require unique attention. Channeling all your efforts and time on prospecting will not only wear you out but also hurt the core purpose of your business. Setting aside prospecting time every day brings two benefits that are core to lead generation:

  • You get to focus your attention on other marketing campaigns that are crucial to your business.
  • You create a habit which leads to consistency and ultimately a successful prospecting process.

2. Ask for referrals from existing customers

A happy customer is more than willing to refer people they think would benefit from your services or products. Immediately after making a sale, nicely ask them to refer other prospects if they have the time. If their experience with your business was top-notch, there is absolutely no reason they will decline the request.

As you work on getting the referred leads to work with your business, however, do not forget about your current customers. Keep them engaged by sending them valuable content, promotions or just well wishes.

3. Capitalize on Social Media

Some salespersons may not think using social makes for effective prospecting techniques, but it actually is. The point is to target the social platforms that your potential leads use. For example, if you offer B2B services, LinkedIn would be more pertinent, but if you deliver directly to customers, your focus should be on Facebook or Instagram.

Just don’t channel your prospecting efforts on social platforms that won’t get you any leads.

4. Send Valuable Content

If you solely focus on marketing your business and not actually delivering value to the customer, you will record dismal sales. Identify your prospects’ pain points and create engaging and useful content that solve their problems without positioning yourself as a sales fanatic.

If potential leads can appreciate the value in your content, they will gradually develop interest to work with you or use your products and services. If you after prospecting methods that will not get you forcing yourself to the potential lead, creating and sending them useful content should be your first priority.

5. Partner with other businesses

Lead generation requires combined efforts. There are many businesses that offer complimentary services or products to yours and would be happy to partner. This creates an opportunity for critical sales information sharing and a channel for getting referrals.

The partnering business will send you referrals that are already on their email lists while you do the same for them, making this one of the best prospecting techniques.

6. Follow Up

Prospects will hardly make up their minds on first contact. Getting them through the sales funnel takes time and patience. Do not give up on cold leads. Keep sending them valuable content, make phone calls, ask if they would be interested to meet. There are many marketing tools you can use to ensure you never lose sight of cold prospects.

Although getting valuable leads can be frustrating, the above sales prospecting ideas should be able to set you on the right path to marketing success. Remember to be consistent, patient, and always provide unmatched value to lure prospects. However, you can always get all these services with us at GET PROSPECTS. Sign up with us and watch as your sales rocket.

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