So it’s been a busy year – just from throwing up a simple website, and doing little marketing has left us overwhelmed with orders and inquiries … so many that we have had to slow down our marketing for a while so we could fulfill the current orders and now work on getting the next bit right.

After overwhelming scenarios and hiring new team members difficulties for this start-up, finally, we are ready to roll and are back to do our best job!

We reduced our pricing and added additional services – cold email delivery to prospects instead of you to give even more value to our customers.

What It’s All About?

Get Prospects sit’s somewhere between James Altucher and Kevin DeWalt and if you don’t know who they are we highly recommend you check them out. Their approach is one of being extremely helpful, almost to the point where people want to hand over money as they are blown away by what you have done for them.

We hear the echo of the ‘sales gurus’ saying “don’t give stuff away for free” but times are changing and so is the way we market ourselves.

Our services are not unknown or brand new. It has a new approach and it’s more affordable for each motivated freelancer, small business owner or experienced marketing company.

We know that finding new customers is a headache and how it is important for every business.

Why are we doing this? Our team members have been sending cold emails, calling cold calls to ensure we will have income for every next month. With our knowledge base, we thought we could turn this into a service for others – especially other consultants, freelancers, and startups.

Several of our friends are freelancers and startups. What we noticed is that they are really busy with their jobs and others aren’t. Both one and another hates prospecting new clients. This is why important and you can read David Skok blog post here Why Startups Fail. And here came us offering to save time for prospecting new clients. So from now, we are helping people just like you.

There are three plans to choose from and additionally email delivery for prospects. Starter, Medium, and Premium. We would recommend a Starter plan at first so that people could give this a try for 3 – 4 months and would receive 300 – 400 prospects to see the results. And we can optimize as we move forward.

Custom enterprise plans are available. Please contact us for more details. We can deliver from 100 to 10,000 prospects or even more every month.

If you choose all “done for you” services you will get prospects list in excel file or we could share google spreadsheet, email distribution, a/b email test with results and warm prospects interesting in your services.

We are including unlimited support with us by email or Skype. Don’t you think this is a big extra?

We hope to see your message in our inbox to get started!

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