Lead generation for startups can be a frustrating undertaking. Here are a few strategies to get you started.

Give More Attractive Offers

If your offers do not give the users any real value, it is going to be very difficult to attract them. Proposals can generate a significant number of leads for a startup if done the right way. For example, if you are a software company, you can offer free trials of your creation so that users can get a glimpse of its real value.

Use Niche Authorities

Who is your products or services best-known authority in your industry? Blogger, publisher, public speaker? These people can play a very crucial role in fueling your startup’s growth. These are the people who interact with your target customers on a daily basis. They may include celebrities such as TV personalities, politicians, entrepreneurs, models, YouTube stars, and artists. These people attract a lot of following on social media and their fans listen and care about what they say wherever they go. A recommendation from them can get you more leads than you would ever imagine.

Create High-quality content

The first mistake many startup owners make in their lead generation strategies is to ignore the value of high-quality content. True, it is a lot of work and takes time to start generating results.

But entirely ignoring content creation is a serious marketing mistake. You can generate leads faster with ads and influencer marketing, but they may not be as valuable as those gotten through high-quality content.

Make your landing pages easy to take action on

The use of smart landing pages is one of the few priceless lead generation strategies. A lot of tools have been created to make it easy for marketers to create beautiful landing pages that can attract more leads. However, there are still a significant number of marketers who have not mastered how to optimize landing pages to increase their potential fully.

Your lead pages should be clear, attractive and easy to take action on. If they are cumbersome or outright ugly, you will only be making it easy for potential leads to ignoring them.

Increase Opt-In Opportunities

Please don’t make it easy for prospective leads to say no. Sometimes you have to force them to say YES to your offers without appearing rude or overly aggressive. Diversifying your opt-in opportunities will help you generate as many leads as possible. Using only a single opt-in method for your offers will make it easy for prospective leads to ignoring them. So, apart from a free eBook, make sure to create opt-in opportunities for other proposals such as live demos, webinars, and free reports.

Take advantage of Joint webinars

This is an often ignored lead generation strategy which has proved to be very useful. Team up with other non-competing brands who depend on the same customer base as yours for joint webinars. By so doing, you will be exposing your startup to new prospective leads who you could not have reached through any other marketing strategy.

The right lead generation strategies often make the difference between successful startups and those headed for failure. Take advantage of the above strategies and any other you may know to help propel your startup’s growth.

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